Joe - GYFC's Director

Joe oversees the organisation, the team and the development and implementation of the strategy and vision for GYFC. He works with the team and the trustees in seeking the way forward for the organisation.

The Staff

Helen - GYFC's Office Manager

Helen is employed by GYFC for three days a week and is in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. She looks after the finances of GYFC and ensures the organisation runs smoothly.


Lauren - GYFC's Girls' Worker

Lauren heads up our girls programme.  She is currently working in local schools to deliver Zumba and fitness lessons alongside workshops,  looking to keep girls engaged with PE and raise their  self esteem. 

Matt-Associate Youth Worker

Matt is the youth worker at St Johns Blackheath, we work in close Partnership delivering mentoring in local schools and after school groups.  

The Students